mothergaia (mothergaia) wrote in add_me,

Hey, there!

My name is Sazzy, (or Sandra, but I prefer to be called Sazzy) and I am from Sweden.. I'm not exactly new to LJ, but it's always fun to have some new friends, isn't it? :)

So, about me then...

Name: Sazzy
Age: 19, my birthday is on April 27th
Live: Sweden
Sexual orientation: I'm bisexual
Status: In a relationshop
Interests: I love writing and drawing, or sitting by the computer. I also enjoy roleplating.
Obsessions: Harry Potter is my biggest obsession. My favourite pairing is Ron/Hermione, so it would be a plus if you like them too :) IBut you don't have to :P

What more about me? I'm into goth, and I love everything that's supernatural. I'm also very shy around people I don't know.

What do I post about? My life, Harry Potter related stuff, my thoughts, and sometimes, just random stuff. I sometimes post pictures and memes too.


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