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Just call me Susan.
I made a new livejournal because I thought itd be interesting to be someone else for a while and to write out my thoughts in a story and have no one know for a positive fact who I am. so i'm making some friends here to have a bigger variety so no one knows who i am or where i come from.

~ I'm in high school.
~ I am like the only girl on the face of America that isn't bisexual. I don't swing that way. (:
~ Susan is not my real name, but please use it!
~ I am a Beatles obsessor.
~ I live in America. I carry the Constitution with me at all times, because I think it's our job to at least know our rights because really, you don't have any if you do not know them.
~ I love wearing white.
~ I love silver eyes. ;]
~ I like making up stories. Some call it lying, I call it creativity.
~ I'm immature, but deep.
~ I love living.
~ I have a nasty past.
~ I LOVE pastels.
~ I am an artist.
~ I am a peculiar specimen.

Add me? <3


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