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I feel strangely reluctant to post here. Part of me feels that I am perfectly justified in feeling that way, and another part of me feels that I am being a big wuss. However, I will continue regardless. I am a 34 year old guy and I have just started a new LJ account. I gave up my old account some time ago, but I found that I missed being able to meander around my thoughts on the page.

I am not sure exactly what to say about myself here. My profile has some information about my likes and such. In summary, I like books, words in general, music, playing my guitar, my two cats, politics, philosophy, film photography, surreal humour and a bunch of other stuff. I suppose I should say something about what I dislike? I guess I do not like hypocricy, and I am not too fond of the whole reality TV / celebrity magazine scandal / formulaic pop music thing.

So, um, there you have it. I can feel that reluctance warning light flashing in my head now, so I am going to post and be damned, or at least post and run away.

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