robyn. (rcknrobyn) wrote in add_me,

the name's Robyn. but you can just call me nightwing.
God tops my list. the people i can actually count on in life, i can count on one hand. i am very passionate about anything that takes my interest. i am completely obsessed with penguins. i spend about two hours a day watching Scrubs. i'm a few notches down from the most conservative you can get. i plan on majoring in accounting and racking up the money. someday i will travel the world. i am definitely an animal lover. i enjoy writing my name in the condensation on the windows of cars. i will not judge you. i love meeting new people from all parts of the world. i have cherries on my shoes. i've been told that i'm very direct. &i never know the best way to end these introduction paragraphs.

my posts:
-will sometimes be super vague. i fancy one liners. but don't indulge too often.
-i sometimes write posts to certain people, who i know will never read it.
-i will most likely complain about my job but i'll keep it limited.
-i do like to incorporate song lyrics/quotes/etc.

if you want to add me, just comment my friends only post! :)

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