emily rugburn (winosaur) wrote in add_me,
emily rugburn


My name is Bailey, I'm a 21 year old lady, and I live in New Jersey with my boyfriend and a beloved feline companion. I'm a college student. I'm familiar with livejournal and have kept this journal mainly for communities, but I haven't been active in a long time. However, I'm getting back into journalling, and I want to make new friends! I don't have many posts as of yet, but my journal is an open book. I tend to be opinionated, but I'm very open-minded, respectful and accepting of people from all walks of life. I do like to comment and receive comments, but I don't expect to be bombarded with attention and won't un-friend anyone without a good reason. Intelligence and personality are very important to me, as well as the ability to write in a comprehensible sentence.

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