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Hello. *waves*

Hello, my name's Tara, though mostly I go by Kala online. I'm female, 21, and I live in Nunavut, Canada. I moved up here a year or so ago with my man, and I've been loving it ever since. Most of my posts recently have been about Nunavut, since it's just really different up here. I can be very opinionated, and tend to speak without thinking, though I'm getting better at that! I tended to get in trouble in school for actually, you know, having differing opinion from the teachers and speaking of them. In class. *gasp* 

Speaking of school, I attended Nova Scotia Community College for 2 years, taking Planning. Now I'm up north doing what I trained to do, while a lot of my friends are either still in school or working call-centres (not that theres anything wrong with CallCentres!). It makes things kinda odd when I talk to them, hard to relate sometimes.

I've been on livejournal for a number of years, but you'd never tell from my posting. I mostly lurk on different communities, though I'm working on being more out there. I am big into Fandom, specifically BtVS, Doctor Who (New Who) Final Fantasy, Star Trek(TNG, Voyager Especially) House, and various animes. That's in no paticular order there. I'm a big lurker! I'm not one of those crazy fanbrats - nor am I all OTP!!111one I just like to read well written fic about characters I love.

I like nature, though bugs creep me out. I love movies, and love to talk about movies, specifically SciFi ( Underworld, Resident Evil, X-Men, Pitch Black, Tomb Raider, just to name a few) and TV (hence the fandoms!) I love to read - I'm big into SciFi/Fantasy books, but I've recently been expanding my collection to other more, political I guess, things. I play video games too - mostly RPG's. I heart the Final Fantasy series.
I'm also the one my friends go to when they need advice, so I'm always willing to listen when someone needs a neutral person to vent to.

I'm not sure what else I should say - I've never done one of these before. I probably sound all awkward and weird in this post - cause I'm nervous. Internet nervousness, who knew. heh.

Basically, I'm looking for new friends, new people to talk to and to read about. I'm pretty open with talking about anything from nature, to TV & movies, to politics to climate change to the economy to sex or kittens. But not sex with Kittens. Ew. O_o
So give me a shout. :)


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