Yes, dry! I can do it, I'm British Empire's Jesus! (wrongsurgeon) wrote in add_me,
Yes, dry! I can do it, I'm British Empire's Jesus!

- Heather
- 20
- Texan
- Ex-psychology major (I can't afford to continue my education, unfortunately)

Things you should now:

I read Twilight for lolz, and since half my flist are fans of the series, I'm just gonna be upfront: I'll make fun of Twilight from time to time. I'm pretty random and lolzy and weird from time to time.

I am heavily into bandom right now (MCR, PATD, Cobra Starship, FOB, and various others. Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc), so if we share the love for certain bands, we'll hit it off. I'll listen to any type of music, so I'm open to new music.

Harry Potter&Supernatural are my old fandoms, but I still love them to death.

My journal will consist of fandom related stuff, mixed in with real life stuff, too. I'm not big on quizzes, so please, if that's all your journal contains, don't bother. I like to read entries with ~subtance so I can comment. I'm pretty chill and I'd like to get to know people on my flist and expect the same. Unless you're a child molester or something among that sort, I'm pretty open-minded about what people enjoy and write about.

If interested, please comment here or at my FO entry. Thanks :)

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