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Add me....on myspace

Nickname: T-chan
Location: Norfolk, VA, USA
Martial Status: Married
Age: 25

Interests: psychology, forensics, crime shows (cold case files, city confidential), the history channel, anime, astrology, manga, yaoi, fan fiction, romance novels, heroes, martial arts, sword collecting, ren fairs, archeology, vh1 best week ever, E!, talk soup, you tube, poetry, harry potter, video games, buffy, WoW, comics, celeb gossip shows, etc.

About me: Many describe me as a big kid. I love comics, video gaming and anime. I don't drink or smoke like most of my "adult" friends. I have so many toys in my house that you'd think I have kids (nerf bats, guns, anime figures). My goal/dream is to be a forensic pathologist or a criminal psychologist. I'm a navy wife which is hard as it is. I'm just looking for more friends that share my interest and I chose myspace because I hardly use my LJ (unless commenting on smutty fan fic lol). If you've like what you've read, feel free to add me and thank you. :)

Myspace url:

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