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youarensfw in add_me


Name: Mark
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Some stuff:

After high school, I plan on taking sociology or business administration somewhere in Halifax or Ontario. If you're wondering, "19 and still in high school?" it's because I dropped out to do home school and it was a big mistake so I had to retake a lot of stuff this year. I would like to move out of Canada for a few years to experience another country (good or bad). If I had to choose on the spot I would say NYC or Sydney, Australia. I love hats and glasses. Particularly winter hats. I don't have a vision problem but I envy some people who wear glasses because I think they're cool. I'm the type of person who would marry someone a week after getting to know them. I love the winter and when the time changes so it's darker longer. I don't understand the hate on winter months. I sleep with a fan on all year round, yet I sleep with four layers of blankets (I guess I just like the breeze on my face). I'm obsessed with television, but not just something to watch. It would be easier for me to tell you which shows I don't love rather than which shows I do. I obsess over characters from time to time, some stick and some don't. My all time favorite tv show character is Karen Walker from Will & Grace. I'm fascinated about the writing, producing and creating. I would kill for a writer's assistant job just to see what it's like in the industry. I'm dying to buy a Macbook but I can't afford it, that's pathetic I know. I love randomly becoming great friends with people online through MSN or any other type of instant messaging system. I'd loveeeeeeeee to have a pen pal, but I haven't really got around to it. The rest will show in my journal entries (which is friends only), so add me if you're interested..


I'd looooove a pen pal also!


let me know if you're interested
I'll add you :)
hey you sounds cool and interesting so I have added you, hope that's ok?
I see you're from New Zealand? That's pretty cool. I'll add you.
- i love glasses too & karen is the best character ever, i watch that show only for her haha.

let's be friends?
friends it is
I love winter too! I dunno why people hate it so much either.
Adding you. =]
You're added =)
Added. :)
(okay, I admit, the Chuck icon is what grabbed me.)

If I could afford it I would purchase glasses just to wear them, even though I don't think I particularly need them. Adding you cos that obviously connects us on a deeper level than me flailing about how much I adore Chuck and you waiting patiently for the first chance to shove me out of an aeroplane.
What's it like living in Nova Scotia? I've always wished I lived out East; Ontario is so lame most of the time.
Adding you :) But you should never marry someone after knowing them for only a week.

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