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Hiii, lovies! :] I'm Jessica and I'm 18. I live in Alabama, but will be living in Kentucky or Texas next fall (if all goes well!) I'm in college, studying Psychology. I'm working towards my Doctorate degree in Adolescent Psychology, so needless to say, I love to talk to people and help them. I've been through a lot in my life, which you'll hear on and off about in my journal. I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I've suffered from depression most of my life, I'm OCD, I'm bisexual, and just a little of everything rolled into one. I'm very openminded and dislike judgmental people. It's pointless to judge others just because they're different (their sexual orientation, their beliefs, etc.), because think about it... if everyone was the same, we would all die of complete boredom. I'm pretty random at times and my mood changes about 546546645654 times a day. But that's just who I am. Um, as far as music, I love anything except country. Listening to country kinda puts me inna bad mood :[ I have 7 piercings (two in each ear, bellybutton, tongue, and lip), but no tats. I have a lot of pictures posted in my LJ, you just have to scroll down and find them, but they're there :] Oh, I use smilies a lottt in my journal and comments. Anywho, I hope to make some new LJ buddies who I can read about and vice versa. I loveeee to comment and usually write pretty lengthy comments, because like I mentioned earlier, I love talking and helping people :]

Sooo, if you like me and wanna be friends, go to my Friends Only page and leave a comment. I don't add everyone, so tell me a little about yourself first so I can decide (I like to keep my friends list semi-small because I like to keep up with everyone). Oh yesss, and you MUST add me first, Mkay? Byeee! <3

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