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Hi. I'm Kelsey.

I don't bitch about how often you comment. I only 'cut' friends who I end up having nothing in common with or become inactive. I'm 21 from glorious En Jay. I work at a gym, occasionally as a promoter and I'm currently working towards a teaching degree. I watch House, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Greek and a ton of reality television.  My life is lacking direction and I'm pretty random. I have a boyfriend of 4 years, 2 cats and an older brother. I party, I drink, I stay out late. I post pictures sometimes. I have great friends and family. I fit no stereotype and some of my interests practically contradict each other. The quiet side of me loves Photoshop, reading, writing, Harry Potter, tea , romance and sleeping. My crazy side loves Bacardi Vanilla, sushi, sex, bikinis, the smell of gasoline and drinking games. My secret dream is to be a judge on Iron Chef. Rofl. I don't take myself too seriously, I like learning about other people's lives and I promise to comment when I've got something to say.

Add me. I'll do the same.

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