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Hey Peeps!I'm Sinh and I'm 19 years old. I'm a student at the University of Illinois. I'm of Asian decent. I'm more of those self-hating Asians, if you know what I mean. I love J-pop and that being said I'm a huge fan of Utada Hikaru. I also like the little pieces of anime every now and then but not often. I'm an accounting major who's also at the moment trying to learn Japanese but it seems to taken it's toll on me since well the teacher is a bunch of crazy. One thing to learn about me is I'm often serious and not serious so it'll take time to be able to tell the difference in that. Most importantly I'm a blunt but open minded person so I'm open to new ideas.

Really I'm looking for people who just have a lot of say. Active people who are willing to read my entries as I am willing to read theirs and comment every now and then for fun. Trying to get to know my LJ friends is one reason why I like this site and why I've stuck with it for so long. A lot of people on my list are active give or take one or two but that's always a given but I'm interested in meeting many new people as well.

I do complain a lot in my journal but that's a given but I also talk about the amazing times I have. I do sometimes go emo as most would say but often not since well it's just depressing. I have a lot of randomness but more serious then not but every now and then there would be weird posts about god knows what that many of you would find very comical. My journal is friends locked so if you want to be friends just comment and add me and I'll be very glad to add you back.



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