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I'm Jennifer age 23 almost 24 at the end of the month, I'm happily married to a wonderful man named  Phillip who is currently in the Air Force, he has a year left and cant wait to get out.
We got married May 19th 2006 .
we have no kids yet.
I currently work at Taco Bell but trying to find something better.
we live in a 3 bedroom apartment we dont share it with anyone, we live in Missouri.
hate it here so ready to move.
I am loud and hyper at times, when I'm mad I'll let you know or when I'm upset. I can get hyper at the weirdest hours.
I have 3 pets 2 cats and a chihuahua named Maddie.
Some of the things I love are.
the. backstreet . boys.
mt dew
staying up late.
Steve Wilkos show.
dirty jobs
cash cab.
hello kitty
i love kids I cant wait to have some of my own.
I have 3 nieces .
I love giving more than receiving
I am a christian
I believe in god
and angels.

anything else you would like to know just ask me at my friends only page! and only add me if you will comment every now and then not just to have more people on your friends list.
and i do update when i have something to say so I might post a lot :) if you don't like that then don't add me , don't add me either if all you post is pictures.


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