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I'm too lazy to make up a post when I can just ...COPY AND PASTE!
The best thing evvvverrrrr

nineteen years
engaged ♥
pansexual (gender doesn't matter)
honesty is the best policy
livejournal addict
myspace addict

You can check out my 'interests' to see if we have anything in common.
If you want to know more, just check out my shortened autobiography.
If you are added to my journal, there will be a longer version if you're interested.

I like to post surveys, things about my life, love, and what is in my head.
You will see entries where I am extremely depressed, complaining a lot, but
there will also be some entries where I will be practically shouting with
glee. Oh, the joy of bipolar disorder. I want friends who will talk, comment,
and keep my interest. If not, you're deleted. This is not my first journal,
and I have made a handful of others that I lost interest in.

Relationship-wise, I love my fiancee and don't want to marry anyone else.
He's trying to get me to let go and have fun, and going out with people...
Although I don't know if I could have him go out with another woman.
But I do like going out because I never experienced the dating scene.

Anyway. :) Go ahead and add me if you like!

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