I am Jack’s abandoned mathematical conundrum. (houdini_splicer) wrote in add_me,
I am Jack’s abandoned mathematical conundrum.

Looking for new friends :)

Hey ya'll :D I'm looking for new friends cause I just did a massive friends cut xo My real name is Jackie, but I also go by Angel :D I feel equally comfortable being called both so just take your pick :P I'm 22 years old, and I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life! Go me! xD I'll figure it out soon though. I have 2 indoor dogs, 4 outdoor dogs and 2 house cats. They're all equally spoiled rotten <3

I loooooooooove video games, anime and movies! I use my journal to post and rant about my fandoms, things that I find wonky and my amateur graphics! xD I love all types of humor, dry, perverted, dark, etc...so don't worry about offending me! xD I also swear like a sailor most of the time xo

I am thoroughly convinced that the sexiest thing in cinema in the past 20 years is Nurse!Joker and I'm addicted to Sailor Moon %D

If you think I look interesting and want to add me, please just comment on my friends only post!

Thank you :D

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