ŁËМǾŃ ρǻřαđē (youthbrigade) wrote in add_me,
ŁËМǾŃ ρǻřαđē

Well, I have come here again.
In an effort to find friends who consistently update.

I'm julie.
I'm into many different things, that change on a daily basis.
I'm extremely open minded & stubborn.
I can be a contradiction like that because I'm that awesome.
Ya rly.

I use to be a hardcore gamer but grew very bored of that.
Have recently got back into photography. I post pictures & talk about camera stuff often.

I use this journal to think out loud most times.

Going to get a BA in communications.
Thought I hate what journalism has become.
Maybe I'll be able to help change it back into something that was real.
Delusional? Just hopeful.

I have very simple rules to my journal.
Respect it, period.
I didn't get a LJ to join the drama train.
Single, so there's no mushy posts about love here.
Whenever I'm not, I don't typically do such posts anyway.
I also don't enjoy reading posts with people who ONLY post about their relationship. & go on about how their relationship is better than everyones & their love will "last forever."
You have to admit, after a while..you just start rolling your eyes.

I want friends who are real & post real, uncensored entries. Who have their own minds, goals & lives to focus on.
I'd prefer to add people above the age of 18.
NO PEOPLE WHO DO DRUGS & POST ABOUT HOW "AWESOME" DOING DRUGS IS. Whatever you do in your personal life is your business, I just don't care.
Commenting constantly & posting 354242 times a day is not required.
Updating on a regular basis is just fine.
If you comment, I'll reciprocate. Or if I have something worth typing.

I do mini friend cuts for the people who either broken my respect rule or who people who haven't updated in three weeks or more & show no signs of ever doing so again.
I don't give any warning. This means I don't do friends cut posts, trying to get people to plead to be on my list.

Obviously, I am very opinionated.
I avoid drama at any costs.

I'm a really friendly person & love to talk with everyone on my list.
Despite how this post comes off.


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