hella evie (consider_pain) wrote in add_me,
hella evie

so i'm new to this LJ bizz. immediately i'm addicted.
i'd love to meet some people or read other journals.

a quick snippet:

i work a lot.
i've gone to culinary school.
i have one job as a line cook and another job as a meat cutter.
ha, a lot of my day involves knives and food.
it's the in between time that i rant and rave about.

my friends and i all moved away from our homes in california to seattle, wa for change and something new. this all happened a few months ago, and turns out, the living situation has become hilarious along with our getting used to the new state and sometimes missing home. honestly, i talk a lot of shizz. anything and anyone. why? because of being in the line of work and professionalism that i do and uphold. don't get me wrong, i love what i do....i feel what goes on in my head is a direct cause of "yes chef , thank you chef" or "yes miss, can i help you?"...sometimes, well a lot of the time i feel like a robot.

i don't have cable, but im a netflix addict. i've gotten into 'blogging' and doing it on my sidekick (another unexpected time killer) when i can i indulge with rockband and other games. ...i never stop studying about food. i can't loosen my grip on make up, body modification, LOL'ing in quiet places, free p0rnz....

i'll stop there.

come by and say hi.

-hella evie-

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