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Hey everybody :)

I'm Sylvy.
I'm 19, turning 20 soon.
I was born & raised in the sunshine state (Miami<3) but now I live elsewhere in Florida and in a year or so I expect to move to Cali.
I'm studying Public Relations and Film with a theatre minor.
Needless to say, I talk a lot about movies/film news/pop culture in my blog.
My other passion, probably my biggest one, is music...I've got a 19,000 iTunes library and it's still growing...I listen to a bunch of different kinds, including indie, old-school rap, punk rock, classic rock, classical, film scores and spanish pop. So that's another big topic in my stuff I'm into, I make plenty of recommendations & write about shows I go to.
I'm very involved in my school, it makes for a lot of good stories :D
It also make for being busy, but since I work in an office (and there's not much to do here) I update pretty often and I do my best to stay on top of other peoples LJs.
I'm perfectly bilingual (English/Spanish) and know some French and Italian as well.
My family is Cuban/Spanish/French & I love my culture(s) & try to keep in touch with them.
A conversion to Judaism might be in my future, I find it really fascinating.
Some hobbies of mine include reading (Emerson, Hemingway and Klosterman are favorites), writing (I do journalism for fun and I write tons of poetry, some of which I post on my LJ), photography, shopping (BCBG Max Azria, Forever 21, Urban & Badgely Mischka = <3), traveling, watching soccer games, working out or trying to convince myself to, hanging out with my lovely friends & family, going to the beach and just having fun with whatever comes up.
I'm very opinionated, but not in a pushy sort of way, I have manners.

As for how I look, I'll share with you what is possibly the best picture of me ever taken...

Halloween 2008. Part Daisy-from-The Great Gatsby, Part Shark-Attack victim, all around badass :D

I've been told I'm an interesting person and I definitely know how to be a friend so comment & add me :)


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