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Are you in a long term relationship?

Have you been with your significant other 1+ year? Are you commited/engaged/married?
If your in a serious long term relationship, and love talking about your significant other, join our_happyending

Its by far the best relationship community on livejournal! Its well over 1 year old, and is very active!

There are weekly text and photo themes
[as well as the mega list of all past themes that you can do anytime]

There's member of the month.
[Everyone is eligable for]

Personalized graphic offers.
[Any member has grabs!]

Photo contests
[Everyone can participate & vote!]

[Of all kinds]


Much more you need to join to see!

It's a great community to gush about your significant other, make some friends, and have a great time!

The community is very active. There's at the very LEAST 3+ posts a day.

Please go read the userinfo then join today!

In the introduction post, please make sure you tell them smashleighfig sent you!!!

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