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After quite a few years, I've finally come to the concusion that my lack of being able to express things the way I want with words totally drives me away from updating all together, and leaves me loads upon loads of abandoned journals that never get a second glance. But since I still really want to keep track of the things that go on in my life these days, both big and small, I've designed this LJ to hopefully help solve my problem. Bascially, it will serve as my space for entries expressed by photos and supported by tiny sidenotes, instead of pages and pages of meaningless text. All in all, I think it'll be something neat to try out. At it's worst, it will be a pretty picture book to skim through. If you're interested in checking it out, just comment to be added. I'm really not selective :)

And some general information, just in case you're curious...

; Brittany. Twenty years old. Pennsylvania native currently living in Florida.
; Fulltime college student with a major in History & minor in American Studies. Future has yet to be determined.
; Has an amazing boyfriend of approximately 1.8 years who takes up a great deal of life & journal space.
; Heros can be defined to Jack Bauer, Luna Lovegood, Mister Rogers, and Steve Irwin.
; Generally optimistic. Compassionate. Sentimental. Silly. Random. A Hufflepuff through in through.
; Likes taking awesome day trips. The smell of new books. Learning useless facts. The color green. Doodling. People watching. Pickles. Cozying up in bed. Turtles. Sudoku & word search puzzles. Keeping souvenirs. Having movie marathons. Holiday get-togethers. Archie comics. Chinese food & fortune cookies. The Office. Random acts of kindness. Trying new things. Making lists. Taking cell-phone pictures. Jamming to the oldies & electric jazz. Spongebob Squarepants. National Geographic Magazine. Spur of the moment plans. Exotic & endangered animals. Peppermint tea. Playing boardgames. Tomato sandwiches. Relaxing in hammocks. Quoting movies. Magentic poetry. Laughing until I snort. Sherklock Holmes & Shakespeare. Smell testing candles. Late night conversations. Making everyday count & living my life. 

I don't know what else to say honestly -- except I was born about fifty years too late, I enjoy really simple things, and I'm just me ♥

The end.




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