imintojose (imintojose) wrote in add_me,

new journal, new friends?

22, senior in college, DI athlete, gay, schizophrenic.

my journal will probably be gay and angsty and silly and stupid and maybe sad.

i've been wildly successful and have failed immensely. i'm strong and vulnerable. i'm full of love and at the same time i'm pretty cold. i'm messed up but i do ok. if you wanted to know all about my life, i could tell it in a way that would make me sound wonderful, or in a way that would make me sound tragic. i'm up and down, dark and light, etc. etc. etc. aren't we all?

i'm not going to post a photo because i'm prettty much in the closet.

i'm open to any friends, all friends, as long as you're nice and trustworthy and respectful. thanks!

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