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I dislike people who snarl in pictures, purposefully show off their lip ring(s) IN EVERY SINGLE PICTURE (they might as well zoom into it), split ends, organic chemistry, people who take pictures with their boyfriend/girlfriend kissing (I just think it's tacky :/), Socrates (although I respect him deeply), injustice, people who don't understand or appreciate dry humour, and flowery teas.

I like marriedtothesea, Kant, diet Dr. Pepper, Pete & Pete, soft things, easy homework, Led Zeppelin, people who use their turn signals, skinny jeans, French electronica, garlic, Zach Galifianakis, spelling humour, colour, theatre, differently, and foreign languages.

I am 21 years of age, Asian, a vegetarian, and obsessed with HP/Twilight.
I also have a strange obsession with Kevin Jonas even though I don't care for the Jonas Brothers.

Please comment here if you're going to add me :]

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