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Hello everyone =) I'm Gina.
I'm 18, and a freshman in college. I go to Western Michigan University.
I get to go home for the holidays tomorrow. Even though I love school, I couldn't be more excited.
I'm active in our Marching Band, and I play alto saxophone. I also play flute and piano! I'd love to learn how to play guitar.
I just recently learned how to knit! I'm in love with knitting scarves.. and I really want to learn how to knit more than that!
I'm rooming with my best friend and I love it =)
I have a boyfriend who's a year younger than me and a senior at the highschool I graduated from about three hours away. Next year he's excpected to go to the Naval Academy, or the Coast Guard Academy.. or some ROTC program here in Michigan. We've been together for almost a year and a half. Is this even relevant?
I hate being cold. Cool thing I get swamped with Lake Effect snow, huh? Last week it snowed for FIVE days straight!
I constantly listen to music. It doesn't really matter what it is.. as long as it has some instrumental aspect and a lovely melody I can hum to myself when I'm walking to class. If I hear a song I like, I often Google it and read the lyrics straight down to see if there's a story. I don't know why?
I have such an irrational crush on Frank Sinatra. Also.. Dick Van Dyke. .. and James Dean. Gosh.
My favorite smell in the whole entire world is the smell of a bookstore.. or books in general. Mmmmm. I love to read and I'm always reading a book. I love to re-read books and then re-read them again.. and probably a bunch more times. Today I just picked up 'In The Realms of the Gods' by Tamora Pierce and read it.. for the billionth time. I'll always be stuck on her books. But I swear I read other books as well, hah. I'm also currently trying to get through 'Helen of Troy' by Margaret George. It's coming along quite swimmingly.
I'm extremely forgettful and scatterbrained. I'm entirely serious. I have to make to do lists and leave post-it notes all over my desk to remind myself to do and remember things.
I'm in love with ginko biloba trees. And.. trees in general. And grass.. and nature. Haha.

Sheesh, that was long. I'm sorry. Want to be friends?

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