ŁËМǾŃ ρǻřαđē (youthbrigade) wrote in add_me,
ŁËМǾŃ ρǻřαđē

Looking for a few new friends, yet again.

I'm all over the place, really.
My mind always races & never shuts down.

Highly opinionated, introvert, always wanting something more, lazy, sleeps too much, more than any text on a screen could say.

I rant, vent, think out load, anything & everything.
Nothing is censored.

Turning 21 in another month & would like to add people around that age.
I post pictures often.

A major in communications.
I hate florida & want to desperately move.

I read entries but don't comment too often. Unless there's something worth saying.
I don't expect millions of comments.
But if you comment me, I'll do the same for you.

If you want someone who bases their life around your journal, move on.
I'm making it perfectly clear I'm not a frequent commenter. So if you add me, expecting you to magically be different, you won't be.

I'm a grammar nazi & if you don't have proper grammar, we won't get along.

So, if you have a sense of humor, opinions & can spell, feel free to add me.

I enjoy talking to people I add.

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