Lex (kungfumunkie) wrote in add_me,

So I'm back from a 17 month hiatus from my journal. Not that I wanted to abandon it, but you know... life happens.

The name is Lex and I'm 22 years old. I'm a full-time student (which makes me bitchy) and I work a full-time job at a hospital (which makes me bitchier).
But don't worry, I'm not a bitch through and through. Just when the situation calls for it. I tend to be happy and just a bit ADD.
I'm a Libra, so I love networking.
I love to write and use my thesaurus.
Music is my oxygen. I don't need air, I just need a rhythym and a beat.
Not in a long term serious relationship, but I've got someone.
I'm frank, and I curse.

You don't have to comment on every entry. Just chime in when you see fit.
I just would like to meet some similar people. Hell, if you're polar opposite, let's talk.
I don't have a list of people I'll talk to or be friends with. I don't care if you are a tri-sexual alien with rainbow zebra striped skin. Actually, I do care, because I could make some money with that.

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