forever3am (forever3am) wrote in add_me,

Hello, I'm Samantha, a sixteen year old Canadian girl.
I have just recently joined live-journal and still "learning the ropes", and using this as an
excuse for not doing homework.

I might be the biggest nerd you'll every meet-- I enjoy the final fantasy series, like to read comics (both manga and western), and would like to play Dungeons and Dragons at least once.
I'm an open-minded person that's willing to listen to other views and opinions regardless if I agree with them or not. I also love a little friendly debate as long as it doesn't get out of hand! I love music and enjoy pretty much all the genres imaginable to man (yes, even country).
My love for music is paralleled by reading, writing, and drawing. I am not the worst, nor am I the best.

I think its safe to say that I am a fairly kind person to talk to, and usually comment when and if I can. Though, I'm sorry to disappoint a large number of you, this doesn't mean I'll comment on every single journal. Nor do I expect you to, either.
Hope to talk to you soon!

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