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Simple Things:

Age: 19
Birthday: April 23, 1989
Status: Engaged
Sexuality: Not entirely sure, but I'll give everyone a chance, male or female.

Most Popular Tags My Journal Uses (I tag everything):

books - 4 uses
christmas - 13 uses
depression - 8 uses
family - 5 uses
friends - 5 uses
games - 6 uses
life - 30 uses
love - 32 uses
missouri - 4 uses
movies - 5 uses
music - 11 uses
shopping - 5 uses
survey - 29 uses
work - 12 uses

Ok, so that's really not useful, but maybe it'll give you a look at what I post. My past has influenced my present and my future. I've written an autobiography of some sorts, one is public and not that in depth, but the friends only one is. The link to the shortened one is in my profile.

I like diversity in my friend's list. I like to read about people's lives that are different then mine, as well as the same. Music wise, I love everything. At least, I'll try to listen to anything, then if I don't like it, I won't continue. Movies, I swing toward comedy/romance. I do not like horror or 'scary'. I am a major wimp. TV show I like are CSI: MIami, Family Guy, and Law and Order: SVU. I don't watch much TV other then that.

Er, just comment here or just add me :) I get emails when someone comments/adds me, LOL

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