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Hi, my name is Allison and I'm 17 years old (soon to be 18 on January 24th!) and I'm a senior in high school. I've been to 3 different high schools and so I've learned how to be independent and never get too attached to anyone--my mom says I'm morbid. I've spent the last four years not being able to graduate, and now that I am halfway through senior year I realize I'm going to miss high school. Just a little bit. Currently I'm consumed by preparing for finals, keeping my grades/gpa up, and college applications. I hope to attend University of Missouri-Columbia and major in journalism, which is something I've been passionate about since I was very young. If on the very slim chance I don't complete my degree in journalism I will probably switch over to political science. My dog Rory is my entire life and he makes me :D. Here is a picture of me. My journal mostly contains my day to day life, which is sometimes interesting but mostly just day to day life. I hate talking about myself so I'll get to my interests:

TV:x-files, how to be a supermodel, ugly betty, weeds, how to look good naked, law and order/svu crime shows, some nick, the soup, take home chef, cnn, ac 360, conan, skins, the l word, csi, angel, buffy the vampire slayer, angel.

Books: half-blood prince, 1984, catcher in the rye, the lovely bones, walk two moons, the kite runner.

Music: m.i.a, coldplay, kanye west, jason mraz, sondre lerche, john mayer, john legend, amy winehouse, arctic monkeys, foals, sade, corinne bailey rae, cobra starship, foals, lily allen, mgmt, vampire weekend, sufjan stevens, ben kweller, the starting line, stars, *nsync, paolo nutini, michael jackson, lupe fiasco, the killers, kevin devine, black kids, feist, etc etc. i am a big fan of music.

i don't comment every. single. entry. because honestly i don't have anything to say on every. single. entry. but i do read every entry and when i do comment i try to comment with something halfway substantial. so if you're looking for someone to comment you all the time that's probably not me; if you're looking for someone who will try to be a good friend and say something i think makes sense...add me! I hope to make a few friends--if we have a lot in common, that's fantastic if not that's cool too because I like reading about lives different from mine.

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