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the girl next door.

i'm not new to livejournal, i've been around since you had to have an invite to join. obviously this hasn't always been my user name however it is the one that's fit the best. i go through my times when life gets too busy and i don't update much and i even get bored with lj sometimes, but i always seem to come back. i won't comment on every entry and i don't expect anyone to comment mine all the time either - i know we all have lives away from the computer.. hopefully. if i find myself skipping entry after entry a person writes because i don't relate to them i'll do a friend's cut. i want friends that i have things in common with, people that i can connect with. i have a little bit of info on my profile and a little more in my friend's only entry. there's also a longer bio at my site. to get to know me any better you actually have to add me.

Status : [happily]married ♥
Name : diona reneè
Age : 25
Ink : seven[sofar]
Holes : currently12[2]
Ethnicity : caucasian[mutt]
Zodiac Sign : cancer
Children : looking to adopt independently
Pets : [one]hamster. [two]cats.[three]chihuahuas.
Besties : wayd[vic]amber[krissy]melissa[hope]
Quote : beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart

& last, for those that want a visual(or two);

plz leave a comment if you're going to add me, k? thnx. ♥


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