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friendship. again?


I will probably be x-posting this in more appropriate places, so not to worry. But hell, why isn't add_me appropriate, for starters?

Hi, I'm Bran. I'm looking for more gay, bisexual, straight but open-minded [!!], lesbian, pansexual, questioning, transitioning (MTF and FTM) and gender-rejecting (genderless) friends. Even more so if you're poly and/or in an LTR! doesn't matter what corner of the earth you're from, just as long as you're over 18 (or about to be).

I am 24 years old, living/schooling/working in Los Angeles, in a relationship with my best friend, and dating. You'll find most of my recent () entries circle around my interactions with my dates and friends of current. Not too many photos these days, but you can usually count on at least a handful a month.

see my natural haircolour
see me with blue hair!
see me with pink/yellow hair!
see me bald!

Physical aspects - African-American, adopted at 6, possibly of Caribbean descent & born in the UK, medium build, 5'8", dyehard, three piercings in each ear, looking to procure first tattoo (that has been in the works for years), bit of a tomboy/soft butch character, gamer, otaku, shy IRL, speaks some French and very little Korean, silly person

I have last.fm, facebook, myspace (though I'm trying not to use this terribly much anymore) & of course e-mail. I'm leaving for the NYC area for 2 weeks on Saturday night, so if you add me after this date, I'm not ignoring you! please shoot me an lj-message and I promise to respond.

happy holidays, whatever you celebrate (and if you celebrate).

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