Peter Pan (skylarker829) wrote in add_me,
Peter Pan

I'm Peter Pan; love me.

Okay, I'm not Peter Pan, but I do think I'm 5.
I'm actually a 20 year old female from Utah.

Fun facts about me:
-I think everything is funny and I love to laugh. I will start laughing with abandon if someone else is laughing even if I missed the joke, or even if I'm sitting quietly and something funny that happened 10 years ago comes to mind.
-From that, you may imagine that I have a very vivid memory. I do. I will describe these ridiculous memories and your eyes will glaze over. Love me anyway.
-I'm cute.
-Oh, and I quote unquote save lives and get paid (admittedly not much) for it.
-I'm bored now because I prefer to be really ridiculously overbooked. Yay! I will be next semester.
-You may have seen me on here before under a different username.
-At least I'm cute.
-Oh and...people with lots of rules not welcome. Lol.

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