your heart is my piñata (mizaya) wrote in add_me,
your heart is my piñata

Hi, I'm Mihael! I'm a seventeen year old forensic psychology major who lives in New York City.

I'm a pretty nerdy person. I love things like anime, Harry Potter, and video games. I also am really into film, Fight Club being my all time favourite. I don't watch many TV shows, but the ones I do adore range from South Park to Sex and the City. I have a huge obsession with rainbows and dysfunctional looking plushes. I love music (don't we all?) and some of my favourite bands are Muse, Tilly and the Wall, Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls, The Hush Sound, RHCP, and a lot more. I read a lot, mostly thrillers and true crime novels, but lately I've been getting into fantasy as well.

I post a lot about my day to day live and experiences. I'm in love and pretty sappy about it, so you'll hear a lot about it in my blog. We have a D/s dynamic, so if that squicks you, you probably wouldn't like me very much. I also post a lot about my fandoms, be it anime, film, video games, TV, music, or books, and am always looking for new things to get into.

I'm looking to make new friends and maybe reconnect with some old ones I've lost touch with. All I ask is that you are active and actually attempt to get to know me. I don't expect you to comment on my every entry, but I do want friends who actually care about me and what I have to say.

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