natalie j. ಌ (blueglowstick) wrote in add_me,
natalie j. ಌ


the name is miss natalie j.
i'm 20, and from wyoming.

i am new to LJ. a few years ago, i was on GJ, but kinda got out of the whole online journal thing. now, i'm back 'in the loop'.

i'm currently setting up my journal and profile, and getting ready to do my first update. i'd love to meet some new people, and make some friends! i got a journal again to connect with others.

- i don't update daily, but i try to log on as much as possible to check out my friends' journals.
-i appreciate good grammar, but i don't always captialize or things like that.
-i would prefer friends 16 and up. just because i feeli like we can connect better and relate better.
-my journal is friends only; please just comment on the entry, and i'll add you right away :)

i'll have my profile together soon. other than that, i don't have much to say - half the fun of adding new people is geting to know each other!

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