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I Feel Silly Advertising Myself

So, I'm going to do this in list format 'cause there's a lot to know about me and I don't want to confuse anybody


--am 16.4 years old (but feel like I'm 9), my name is Valerie (Val is good though) and am in the 11th grade (and trying to survive)
--am 5 ft tall (won't even add the half inch because it's not worth it) and am ok with it (it's the rest of you that are too tall!! what do you eat??)
--am bi-racial (mom's Costa Rican, dad's a gringo snowman) and think it's sad/funny/bizarre/infuriating when people stare at me
--also have a Facebook but am increasingly confused as to why...
--love art (am not so great at it), love writing (am hopefully slightly better at it) and am generally to chicken to display either
--think friends are what makes the world go round! (and want ones that won't just sit on my f-list)
--love music, like in a crazed-junky-on-the-brink-of-madness kinda way
--really REALLY like hyphens, and parenthesis (even if I can't spell it)
--think comments/replies should consist of more than five words, and will frequently post long, drawn out post/comments

--am going to Europe this summer for like 16 days and fully intend to travel for the rest of my life, meeting crazy-awesome people and doing/seeing crazy-awesome things
--am trying to be braver/less socially-autistic
--have strong feminist tendencies and think girls kick serious ass
--have never had that many guy friends, so I often relate to boys as a foreign life-form (help??)
--don't act like it, but deep down, I can fangirl it with the best of them (don't worry I have an on/off switch)
--was born in Alaska, moved to Washington and then Virginia (and as of yet have not been able to escape SOS!!)
--want to go to Columbia for college (oohhh the stress!!) but have no idea what I want to study (like AT ALL)
--think this is getting WAY TOO LONG!

Thanks for your patience, any questions feel free to ask, I'm not shy (at least online)

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