peanut butter (ex_success) wrote in add_me,
peanut butter

i'm a lesbian, i'm a musician, i'm half british/half egyptian and i'm going back to school next year for radio and broadcasting or perhaps, music production. i'm about to start work on a mixtape as well as an album for 2009. i am hoping to move to either LA or NYC sometime next year. i smoke too much, i drink too much and i text too much. i'm fiercely independent yet part of me never wants to grow up. i tend to travel a lot because i can't bare to be in one place for too long. i spent a year living and traveling all over the middle east with a childhood friend when i was 14 because our parents believed that it would teach us independence, maturity and cultural awareness. i plan on tackling all of europe this summer. i have recently discovered the backstabbing aspect of popularity and therefore i have become skeptical and developed trust issues. i have a dark past and i am somewhat troubled, but i'm not looking to be saved.

some of my interests include: spiritual enlightenment, human metamorphosis, immortality, reincarnation, evolution of musical genres, slam poetry, hip-hop, hookah, the 90's, flaws and imperfections, smoking too much, drinking too much, text messages and hanging out in nyc.

my journal is an outlet for my creativity, insanity and reflection. i rarely update about my days events. i update when i feel inspired and comment when i have something important to say. i'm interested in friendship beyond just livejournal. go ahead and add me.

"i've become content with this life that i lead. where i drink too much and don't believe in much of anything and i lie to myself and say it's for the best."

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