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Gonna see if hope really floats

x) I'm a fandom nerd: The Academy Is..., The Maine, Ben Barnes (just to name a few).
x) When I was 4 I had a hot pink purse that had the cover of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" on the front of it.
x) I enjoy Philosophy yet I tanked the class cuz I have issues with thinking in abstract manners.
x) JUST SAY WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE THINKING! CUT THE PRETTY WORDS!!!! I'm blunt. Therefore, I have no patience for anything that I have to spend hours deciphering.
x) Fall Out Boy lyrics don't count. I get those just fine tyvm.
x) I've lived "XO".
x) I stopped crowdsurfing after I accidentally kicked someone in the head.
x) My aunt lost a tug-of-war battle with a 6 foot shark in Florida. She spent 5 minutes playing tug of war with it just to get her bf's fishing pole back. The bf wasn't very happy with her. And Mr. Sharky Face got a metal snack. Aunt got an arm pulled out of the socket.

I'm Marlana. I'm 24. College student. Michigan resident. Lover of music and men. Sometimes my entries are deep and meaningful, sometimes they are just plain goofy. I post short novels or random lists like the ones above. Let's be friends.

I promise you I am fully capable of sounding intelligent. :)

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