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Hey whats up? i'm looking for new friends so i can read their journals :) and have new people read mine <3
* i'm Courtney :]
* 19, college student studying to be a paralegal
* Loves: Driving around, iced tea, expensive things (i cant afford), and food. ;]
* I listen to anything imaginable and music is my life. I cant go a day without listening to it..
* Some of my favorite T.V Shows are: TRUEBLOOD!!, gossip girl, supernatural, monday night raw, bones, CSI miami, CSI new york, forensic files, the first 48, hannah montana, suite life of zack and cody :)
* I read like theres not tomorrow also. Any kind of books.. but i do enjoy a good romance novel, anything to do with vampires and mysteries also. Agatha Christie is amazing.. as is Stefanie Meyer. Love twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn. Love the harry potter books.
* I smoke cigarettes and occasionally the wacky tobacky.

Thats pretty much all I can think of right now, Love me? then add me :)
Leave me a post on my friends only post so I know you added me and i'll add you back lovelies :)

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