Ashley Krisor (chochamocha) wrote in add_me,
Ashley Krisor


well hi there.
i'm looking for more personal friends.
i don't like large friend groups, just around 10 good
people to have on my f-list that provide constant communication
and good friendships :]
i cut friends that
> don't post regularly or
> don't post interesting things regularly or
> donesn't comment entries

so, i'm ashley, i'm going to be turning the ripe age of 19
in a few short weeks.
i'm a freshman in college
@ the university of wisconsin-milwaukee.
it's cool here. it may be a tundra, but it's not the nothing-but-farmland
steriotype i know you have of it.
i was born in england and i've been living in the states for about 14 years now.
i'm a music major
[ alto saxophone, clarinet, french horn, percussion ].
i have a twin brother
and we have younger twin siblings.

enjoys - music, jazz studies, drumming, art, theatre, boyfriend, orange things, magnet boards, nests of blankets/pillows, being passive-aggressive, cupcakes, rearranging furniture, shopping, yelling obscenities, creating socially awkward situations, contradictions, texting, chewing gum, apple products, being counter-productive (facebook!!1!), laughing, my friends, nachos, baseball, coffee, tea, playing in the rain, holding hands, cuddling, running, getting my swell on, saying insightful things in french, drawing stars all over everything, playing pool, buffalo wild wings, being at the lake, colouring, summer time, etc.

yeah! <3

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