allen (slittiltheend) wrote in add_me,

22/m/ florida.. all i am is a writer and an artist. i'm not a bitchy one though whos all mystical and rude.. i keep my arms open for you and always have a listening ear. my favorite band is modest mouse ( ugly casanova too, issac brock is great) and i skateboard a lot. i'm surrounded by a bit too many dysfunctional people so i always end up in some shit whether i want to be in it or not. i don't always talk about it, i'll post about my day occasionally, post stories/things i've wrote, music, photos i think will hit something inside of you.. no fucking quizzes and shit. i'm applying to hunter in NYC so i'm gonna be relocating soon.

i think thats all?
tell me if you add me
4 years on lj has fucked my friend of list.

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