Hannah? (lovecycle) wrote in add_me,

I'm so awful at these. It's almost shocking when people respond.

Hallo! I'm Hannah. I can unicycle and pop my jaw in tune to twinkle twinkle. I like to write songs and seduce people with my eyes. I'm a rambling busker (no worries, most people don't know what it means).

I'm gonna be up front about this: I suck at posting on occasion. And when I suck at posting, I suck at commenting. My livejournalness comes and goes in phases.


a.) I want some new friends, and that will probably motivate me to suck less.
b.) When I don't suck at commenting I'm good at it.

You could always give it a try.

Comment here, please.

This is me, made awesome by a beautiful sunset.

This was the worst and least intriguing add-me post ever...

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