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My name is Amber. I'm a 22 year old wife and mother of two.

I love my job because I'm a SAHM and I loving being with my son, Frankie who is 18 months and my daughter, Piper who is 5 months all day. I've been married two years as of January 12th.

I have a few obsessions. My biggest one being Charmed, if you couldn't tell. Haha. I also LOVE Hello Kitty. I also have a weird fascination with proper typing. I'm extremely annoyed when people type lyke dis. Type like you have an education, okay? I know, that sounded bitchy. I'm actually quite nice, unless you are mean or rude to me first. As of now I live in Indiana and at times I hate it because it's cold and I hate the cold. I wish I could live somewhere where it is at least spring all the time. If you want to know any of my other interests just go look at my profile. Or you can just add me. Leave a comment that you added me just so I know that you did and I can add you back. :D

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