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sup add_me comm ? i think it's time for round 3.

Posted hurrr before, and I've met some great people through it.

The name's Anika, 14, and I live in Canada.

My journal is FO, just because I don't let just anyone read my shit.
Another thing you should know, I swear like fucking crazy, if it offends you ? I don't really care. Don't add me then :]
I'm funny, occasionally immature, and overall, a really nice person.
I've been told I have a great personality.
I have grapheme-color synesthesia which means I associate numbers, words, songs, names, anything, with colors. For instance, if you look at my music list, the first six bands are the colors that I percieve them to be. However, the colors I hear in their songs are way different.
I LOVE The Sims 2. I have all the expansion packs, and yeah, I'm addicted :D
William Beckett is an obsession of mine. I kind of really love him.
If I don't like you, you'll know it. If I like you, you'll know that too.
I'm a huge Star Wars and Indiana Jones nerd. I love Harrison Ford.
I'm a huge gamer, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Grand Theft Auto, Half-Life, Portal, Call of Duty, you name it, I've probably played it.
As far as movies go: Sin City, Star Wars and Indiana Jones [as you prolly could've guessed], Serenity, In America, Postal [though that's more of an inside joke kind of thing], The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, James Bond, probably more.
I absolutely love CSI: NY.
The other two, not so much. Las Vegas kind of feels like a soap opera to me now, and Miami, I just don't even really care for that.
That's more or less me in a nutshell.
I think you should add me.

Music = life:
The Academy Is...
Panic at the Disco
Katy Perry
Jack's Mannequin
Cobra Starship
My Favorite Highway
Kevin Devine
Matt Dusk
Tegan and Sara
Backseat Goodbye
Fall Out Boy
All Time Low
The Hush Sound
The Fray
Meg & Dia
Matt Nathanson
Matt White
Mike Falzone
Motion City Soundtrack
Phantom Planet
Ryan Taylor Bliss
30 Seconds to Mars
David Cook
and way, way more.

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