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hi there....

Hi! Oh, what to write....   hmm.....  Well, besides being female and almost at the age of 40.  Yes, 40.  I guess I should start off saying that I do know the laws of punctuation and spelling but have an internal rebellious need to break as many as possible.  If this bothers you, you may not want to add me.  I post at random and have a new journal but am not really new to LJ.  I have had an account in the past but became lazy and well...kinda forgot about it.  ANYHOW...that was then.  With the new year, I am going to make every attempt to read and comment as often as possible.   Some of my interests include pretty  random stuff. Hope this intro. is ok. I REALLY detest writing intros...I know I sound like a geek...((shakes head)) I just know it.....

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