Rocco (docrocco) wrote in add_me,

Well. I'm Rocco. I'd like to have some friends on here as most of mine have MySpam and refuse to join LJ. Therefore, I refuse to join MySpam on principle. And I mean, getting to know other people can only be good, yes?


- I like books, the interwebz, Lindt chocolate, my bed and lemon meringue pie.
- I am a rabid Doctor Who fan, and also a rabid fan of most Britcoms.
- I'm Australian.
- I am a grammar nazi, yet I often make typos. My entries are riddled with them. Not entirely grammar related, but you could possibly yell hypocrite if you so desired.
- I am a math and science nerd.
- Hobbies include watching Doctor Who, Photoshopping, reading, maths (Algebra that doesn't require too much thought.), MSN and mudkipz.
- A lot of my sentences begin with so.

So yes. I am looking for people to add me, so I may add them and have more journals to read and comment on. I don't like adding random people. >< I do like to prowl around LJ and comment, however, and like to read comments I get. If you are go to add me, please have the ability not 2 typ lik dis or I'll go spare. Thanks.

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