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just a typical "add me" post.

I've only been using this livejournal to read/comment on communities.
But I have a lot I need to write down lately, so I've decided to actually keep a journal.
Therefore, I'm looking for a few friends.

19 years old, vegan, bisexual, pro-choice.
I am compassionate. Maybe too compassionate for my own good.
I like computers. A lot.
When I 'grow up' I want to be a software developer.
I never want kids, but I don't hate them.
My journal contains swearing. I don't swear to be provocative, and I don't swear excessively. But I can't help doing it a bit. I haven't even managed yet to stop swearing in front of my boyfriend's parents without even noticing.
I also post girly/tmi stuff. If you get squicked out by me mentioning I'm on my period, I'm probably not the right friend for you. I will be courteous though, and try to remember to eljay cut anything that involves phrases like "bloody uterine chunks" or "ginger arse hairs".
Some days there's nothing more I want to do than drink, smoke, and get delivered home in a pizza delivery car. Other days, I can't think of a better life than staying in with my less-raucous friends and playing Scrabble or Talisman.

If I sound any fun and we have anything in common, add me. It'll encourage me to post :)


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