Sassypantsu (sassypantsu) wrote in add_me,

☼ Keep it simple

Name:  → Kamaria
age → 20
school → Evergreen State College - Film Major
sex → female
likes → old music (also, hip-hop, classic rock, japanese music, world, anything really), games, rain, kickball, hookah, cigars, texting, Text-RPGS, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

Wanna add me? I'm a comment whore, and I will always comment for you if you do me. I don't like adding friends who don't bother ever talking or make an effort to get to know you. I don't fangirl and talk about real life mostly, but I'm always happy to add new friends. So don't worry, I wont bite~

plz to be going here so you get an add~


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