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Hello to everybody, I'm Julia!
I dont even know what to tell you about me besides my interests!) My mood is very changeable, this day i'm lamb and next day i'm lion, you know) I love my parents, i have some problems with them, but who doesn't??)
Likes: dancing in r'n'b style, drawing by pencil, Britney Spears (it's britney bitch!:)),Rihanna, Kanye West, r'n'b and pop on the whole, Twilight ( there are millions of us....we will reach you too *crazy laugh*), friends, RPG games such as Oblivion and Fable, shopping, fashion, Robert Pattinson, The IT Crowd,  snowboarding( a little bit:)), reading classic and sci-fi books: Arthur Conan Doyle, Terry Pratchett, Strugatskie (yes, i live in Russia!:), Christina Aguilera's "Dynamite", rainy weather, cocoa.
If you add me,i'll always add you!:)
Good day!


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