beatsoflife (beatsoflife) wrote in add_me,

adddd meeee

I live in England, i'm at university (studying journalism) i'm 22.

I generally write about friends, my boyfriend and strange nights out that get too messy.
Also general wonderings about life and such.

I tend to get a little anxious far too often, take a few too many drugs, love music - especially into electro at the moment. I've been with my b/f for nearly 4 months but i've never felt like this about anyone before, i'll never meet anyone like him again. I'm pretty quiet really, an introvert - and i struggle with analysing situations and conversations too much. I can't handle stress. Sometimes i don't know where i want to belong, things don't feel right at home, but sometimes don't at uni either, i get confused.

I like food, raves, my hamster Simian, my friends, Alex, making things, clothes, hot chocolates with cream, pizza, takeouts, living away from home, bass, films, nights in, my blanket.

I'm very open-minded.

Add me =)

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