the strength for smiling. (latte_nerd) wrote in add_me,
the strength for smiling.

no lil wayne joke in the subject line.

so i was going to write "add me, so i can get it juicy for ya."  but then i thought maybe people would assume i liked lil wayne (WHICH I DON'T) and i'd get lj adds from people who i don't love.

my name's scotty.
i'm roughly 30. 
i'm getting married in october.
i manage a wine shop. 
i love my cat, velouria.
i like music that includes, but is not limited to:  modest mouse, the pixies, bjork, the cure, billie holliday, low, songs: ohia, etc.  current favorites are yeasayer, animal collective, mgmt, tilly & the wall.
i like movies/  movies - vin diesel = what i like.
my livejournal is completely friends only.
i update when i can, which is sometimes a lot, sometimes never.
i journal about my job, my fiancee, my cats, sometimes i review movies or books.  sometimes i post pictures. 

add me.  hilarity will ensue.


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