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Hello! I'm going to just post the info in my profile, to save you the trouble :P

tabitha / 19 / salt lake city, utah / bisexual

I am terrified of meeting new people, but on the other hand I love meeting people who I have things in common with. I love music, and going to shows, but being under 21 it is something I barely do. I am very honest, and I don't care what people think. Sometimes I am too honest, which messes things up or makes people not like me.

All well. That's me. :)

I like to post surveys, things about my life, love, and what is in my head. You will see entries where I am extremely depressed, complaining a lot, but there will also be some entries where I will be practically shouting with glee. Oh, the joy of bipolar disorder.

I want friends who will talk, comment, and keep my interest. If not, you're deleted. This is not my first journal, and I have made a handful of others that I lost interest in.

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